UFO Crash Site Halloween Photos

Halloween 2013I decided to head out to Winding Stream Drive, where they close off the street for Halloween. Many homes really go all out with awesome spooky decorations to treat the trick-or-treaters. The highlight though is the ever popular annual engineering feat by the Staton family. They made the Contra Costa Times with their crazy UFO crash site this year.

If you missed it, I took a few photos during my evening stroll. I also happened to overhear their potential plans for next year. Their neighbors might join them where they’ll have a couple of pirate ships battle between the two homes. Sounds pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how they pull it off.

Hope you all had a safe Halloween and, oh, don’t forget to schedule your next dentist visit!

2 thoughts on “UFO Crash Site Halloween Photos

  1. After you posted the initial picture of this place, I actually drove by after work to check it out and it looked pretty cool. Kirk, thank you for writing about this place otherwise I wouldn’t had known about it. Livermore Rocks!!!!

  2. I realize this is an old post but I’m already working on next years theme “aliens” by far this is the best crashed ship I’ve seen!

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