The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge

Here we go! Yumm!

The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge

I created Livermore Rocks! with a simple goal in mind; to share awesome things I discover in Livermore.

As we just crossed over into 2014, I was pondering places in town to explore and write about. As the gears turned in my noggin’, a rumble in my tummy got my attention. Right then, The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge was born.

What is this challenge you ask? It’s pretty simple. I’m going to try a every restaurant in town and share my experience here on Livermore Rocks!

Wondering how long it’d take, I did some quick research and found that there are roughly 200 restaurants in town.

Oh boy, what am I getting myself into? I’ll definitely have to pace myself as this challenge will take quite some time. One per week sounds pretty reasonable. Wait, if my math is correct, this could easily last until 2018. How crazy is that?

So join me tomorrow as I embark on the first belly-busting installment of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge! How does Pho sound?

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