Breatfast at Denica’s Real Food Kitchen [TGLRC #7]


California Benedict at Denica’s Kitchen

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen
2259 Las Positas Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 447-9500
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Breakfast, they say it’s the most important meal of the day. But is it really true? This article on Huffington Post counters that statement with a bit of scientific research. I’m not a big breakfast guy myself. Lunch and nice dinner is more my style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for some great scrambled eggs and lightly crisped bacon.

Bacon. Mmmmm.

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen, located in the corner of N. Livermore Avenue and Las Positas Road, opened up just a few months ago. It took the place of a Denny’s Café that opened and failed rather quickly.

In 2000, Denica’s opened their first café opened in Dublin. The have a relatively new location in Walnut Creek and their thirst just opened up here in Livermore. It’s great to see local business grow like this. With great food, there’s good reason.

Speaking of food – we started of with a couple of fresh OJ’s ($3.99 each). Andrea ordered the Denica’s Scramble ($12.99) and I ordered the California Benedict ($12.99). As you can see from the photos, they were a bit on the busy side so it took a little longer than expected to get served. Once we got our plates, it was definitely worth the wait. Served hot, nice portions, and fresh, it really hit the spot; especially the potatoes.

While breakfast is very good, at $35.40, Denica’s is a bit on the pricey side. Traditional places like IHOP or Country Waffles are less expensive, but the quality of Denica’s menu is much more refined. Their main entrées run $10 to $13, but they do offer breakfast burritos and sandwiches in the $7 to $9 range. So you can get a good meal for a lot less that we paid.

It is worth it? If you’re looking for a California Benedict with perfectly poached eggs atop toasted English muffins drizzled with some tasty hollandaise sauce and really great potatoes, it is.

I’ll be back one day, but it’ll be a while. I just have to finish The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge first.

Almost forgot mention that they also offer a military discount!


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