The Boring $1.62 McDonald’s Drive-thru Adventure [TGLRC #6]

805 N Vasco Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 961-9090
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Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “He’s writing about ordering a hamburger at McDonald’s? Really?!”

When I said I’d try every restaurant in Livermore as part of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge, I meant it!

This time I was in a hurry. I was starving and needed something in my belly to get me through the next few hours. The result? This extremely exciting boring dashcam video of me ordering a Double Cheeseburger with only ketchup ($1.49 +.13¢ tax) at the McDonald’s drive-thru on Vasco Road.

Yep, three and a half minutes of hair-raising, edge-of-your-seat-gripping, heart-pumping, action, adventure and excitement! Okay, maybe I’m embellishing a bit here.

I’ve been to this McDonald’s a few times before. The restaurant is modern, clean, and has fast service. It’s what you’d expect for a well run McDonald’s. I’ve never had anything but good service here.

Oh, and pay no attention to my video editing skills. There’s a first time for everything :-).

Where will I go next week? Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Boring $1.62 McDonald’s Drive-thru Adventure [TGLRC #6]

  1. Oh well, at least the music was exciting!
    Strangely though I’m left fancying a burger and a lazy couple of hours with Mr. Harrison Ford! 😉

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