The Flying Gourmet’s Best of 2014

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

At the end of the year it is nice to take time, look back at 2014, and savor some of the good things that we have experienced. It has been a big year in aviation for me, learning a new aircraft, flying with a new company and meeting a lot of new people. It has been a very positive experience and I’m proud of myself for being able to take on this challenge, which isn’t easy when you get older.

I had been flying with Ahart Aviation Services since 1985, been through four owners and over the years got to fly some brand new aircraft. When their business folded, several months back, I had already made the jump across the field to Attitude Aviation. I was very happy to see that my old friend, Piper Arrow N169JP, had made the jump with me. With my new association I have been able to increase my skill level as a pilot (Attitude is demanding), qualify on a new aircraft (Citabria) and sharpen my skills on aircraft I have been flying for years (Cessna and Piper).

Two Niner Diner

Now, on to Places to eat that I have visited during the year. For best breakfast I’m going to have to say the Two Niner Diner, at the Petaluma Airport. With their aviation décor, great service and the signature coffee cake, that is included with each breakfast, you can’t go wrong!

LaSalette SonomaThe best lunch is going to have to be LaSalette in Sonoma. With their piri piri seasoning and Portuguese dishes they have created an intriguing menu that will excite and delight any palate.

Hangar BBQ - Merced, CAThe best dinner is a hard choice between the casual beach setting with finger licking good ribs of the Hangar BBQ at the Merced airport and the family style Italian dinner at Teresa’s Place in Jackson. You will have to decide for yourself depending on your individual craving.

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