The Flying Gourmet: Wings Grill, Auburn, CA

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Wings Grill, Auburn, CA

Wings Grill, Auburn, CA

Wings Grill
13595 New Airport Rd
Auburn, CA 95602
(530) 885-0428
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Auburn Airport (AUN) is about 83 nautical miles northeast of Livermore Airport (KLVK) and has a great little restaurant called the Wings Grill. They are open from 7 am to 2 pm daily and serve a wonderful breakfast and lunch. They also feature an espresso bar so you caffeine addicts can get a jolt to keep you going. Of all the places to fly to for breakfast, the Wings Grill has been one of my favorites for years. Once you arrive, no taxi or long walk required, you can practically park your plane at the foot of their patio.

It’s popular and on any given day a Highway Patrol aircraft or a military chopper may also be sharing the ramp, so if you are flying in for lunch do get there early. As an added attraction, often the local Ford Model A club stops here for breakfast and parks their vintage automobiles on the ramp in front of the patio. And yes, I want to confirm for the Ahart Aviation Services Dispatcher who asked, the waitresses are young and pretty!

I often order Brian’s three egg omelet that includes bacon, tomato, and avocado with a dab of sour cream of top. On my last visit I just went for the standard eggs over medium, bacon and country potatoes with an English muffin. The four slices of bacon are a bacon lover’s dream; thick, lean and crisp. Eggs are done just the way you like them and the muffin comes prebuttered and warm. It would be hard to say anything bad about this place, the staff is friendly, service has always been good and it is popular with the locals as well as people who fly in.



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  1. Thanks for the complete, fun, and well written review. On your endorsement we’re flying to Wings for lunch 2-16-14.

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