The Flying Gourmet: Peppermill Restaurant, Sonora, CA

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

Peppermill RestaurantPeppermill Restaurant
22267 Parrotts Ferry Road
Sonora, CA, 95370
(209) 533-2733
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By far one of the best airports in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California is the one at Columbia, CA (O22). Paved, 4,700 feet in length, well maintained and with plenty of places to eat and things to do within walking distance of the airport (other stories to follow). Walking, there are two ways into town. You can either follow the road or take the short cut through the woods. If taking either route after dark, a powerful flashlight is a must. I have been surprised by deer and once by a skunk while walking the trail after dark.

The Peppermill is the closest eatery to the airport, about a third of a mile walk down the airport road to Parrotts Ferry Road. Turn right at Parrotts Ferry and the restaurant will be the first building on your left.

Like most restaurants in the foothills, servings are large and very tasty. These people cook with real butter and you won’t find any tofu bacon either. The Peppermill is a friendly place where the locals come for good food and conversation. Prices are reasonable, the ham and egg special is only $4.99, and with a casual atmosphere, it’s a good place to fill up before a day of exploring in the historic town of Columbia.


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