Yamato 大和 [TGLRC #3]

Yamato LivermoreYamato
2041 First St (map)
Livermore, CA, 94551
(925) 606-1881
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Yamato, the name of a famous Japanese World War II battleship, is also the name of the next restaurant of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge. It is a Japanese sushi restaurant located downtown on First St. right next to Baughman’s Western Outfitters.

The restaurant was completely empty when we came in, but we were graciously welcomed in by the politest lady in the world. It was quite refreshing and really made for a great start to dinner.

The dining room has nine tables and seats forty. The design is modern with a nice touch of color, yet simple. It is also extremely clean – which includes the bathroom as reported by my wonderful date Andrea.

We started with drinks. A Coke ($1.50) for her, and a large 21.4oz Asahi Beer ($7.50) for me. The bottle was huge so the photo you see below is a little deceiving. You’ll only need one! 🙂

By this time, there were several customers that came in to eat, so it wasn’t empty for long. While reading Yelp reviews, I noticed that a few people almost passed on Yamato as it was empty when they walked by. Don’t let that deter you because the food and service are worth stopping in for.

We started of with their Rainbow Roll ($10.89) which was really good, fresh and the portion was large. Since Andrea isn’t a big fan of seafood, I happily sampled most of the pieces, though maybe a bit too fast. That was okay though as our main entrées arrived the moment I put the last piece in my mouth. Talk about great timing!

Yamato LivermoreAndrea ordered a Bento Box with Beef Teriyaki and Pork Katsu. It comes with Miso Soup a tasty Salad and a side of Rice ($11.99). Andrea really liked the Pork Katsu. I tried it and the pork was moist, tender, and the crispness of the batter was perfect.

I went for the Yakisoba Chicken ($7.99) which would probably work better family style than all for one person. The veggies were fresh, the chicken was tender though a little salty, but it really hit the spot.

It was a great meal and we were completely stuffed. Two entrées and an order of sushi is plenty for two. You’ll probably end up leaving with a doggie bag like we did. Our total bill including tip was $50.57, which is pretty reasonable for what we ordered.

Next time you’re downtown for a meal, be sure and check out Yamato. They definitely have my seal of approval!


Here is some bonus trivia that retro cartoon fans might know. Yamato is also the name of the ship in the Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamato. In the US, we know the series as Star Blazers which first aired in 1979. Oh what great childhood cartoon memories. They sure don’t make them like they used to.

More background on the Yamato name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamato

Here is the opening title of Star Blazers for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for this great post. I never would have tried this place but our regular Japanese doesn’t do yakisoba the way the kids will eat it. Your photo gives me hope! I’m looking forward to trying this. I love your website! Keep up the good work.

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