Shooting Stars Over Livermore [Photo]

Last night after midnight, we drove up to Del Valle Rd to watch the Perseids meteor shower. There were lots of people up there as cars lined the road. The temperature was surprisingly warm and with clear skies we weren’t disappointed with the show.

We were up there for almost two hours and lost count as we saw well over a dozen meteors streaking across the sky in varying degrees of brightness.

Unfortunately catching them with a lens is another story. After almost 2 hours I had 118 photos of a beautiful starry sky without a shooting star crossing the camera’s path. As started to pack up, I turned the camera towards the trees. I wanted to get a couple of shots of the sky with something else in the frame.

Looking down as I was holding the shutter open, I hear people yell, “Woooooah!”

My head darted around in frustration as I missed what must have been a really nice one. I looked to where the camera was pointing and noticed a faint trail of an obviously large streak. When I switched the to play, this is what I saw: (Click the photo to enlarge!)

Perseids Shooting Star Over Livermore, CA
Credit: Kirk Sylvester



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