Livermore Pets!

J.T.Livermore Pet of the Month

Would you like to see your furry friend featured on Livermore Rocks! as Pet of the Month? Just send us a photo, your pets name, and a fun fact on our contact page and your pet just might get their 15 minutes of fame.

Lost DogLost & Found Livermore Pets

Find or lose a pet in Livermore? Lost & Found Livermore Pets is a place to help get your furry friend back home.

Bruno Canziani Dog ParkDog Parks in Livermore

With seven dog parks, Livermore is a very pet friendly city. I took J.T. out to every dog park and Livermore so she could test them all out. I took photos and mapped them all out on the “Dog Parks in Livermore” page.

Livermore Dog LicenseHow to Get a Livermore Dog License

In Livermore (and all of California), dogs are required to be licensed with the city. It’s cheap, allows Fido to “mingle” in at the dog parks, and he gets a shiny badge to impress the, er, ladies. Check out “How to Get a Livermore Dog License” for more info.