Off the Leash – All the Dog Parks in Livermore!

J.T.As a new dog owner, you learn that there is a whole new doggie world out there to experience. There are belly rubs, playing fetch, dog walks and picking up doggie doo-doo to name a few fun things to do with your best friend.

But it doesn’t take long for new owners to realize that there are not many places where they can let Rover off his leash and run free.

Where can dogs run free? With that question in mind, I set out and touched every corner of Livermore to bring you this list of all the off-leash dog parks in our wonderful town.

Here they are:

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Max Baer Park

1310 Murdell Ln, Livermore, CA 94550 (map)

Max Baer Park, part of the Livemrore Recreation Area & Parks District (LARPD), is on the west side of town on Murdell Ln. It has a small dog area right between all the baseball fields famous for hosting the Little League World Series. It’s well shaded and has plenty of places to sit and relax. Water is available and according to Yelp reviews it’s known to get a bit muddy during the wet months.

Marlin A. Pound Neighborhood Park

2010 Bluebell Dr, Livermore, CA 94551 (map)

Up in Springtown we have the Marlin A. Pound Dog Park, also part of LARPD. Set on the southwestern corner of a beautiful park with a basketball court, playground, and large open grass fields. The highlight of this dog park is two separate fenced areas, one each for small and large dogs. The small dog area is especially nice as you don’t have to worry your little guy bullying the big dogs around. This alone makes it a must visit for small dog owners.

Bruno Canziani Park

Charlotte Way & Flagg Ln, Livermore, CA (map)

Over near the lab close to Vasco and Tesla, we have a nice dog area in Bruno Canziano Park. It’s green, clean and has a nice open space. The park itself has a playground on the south end, a large grass field in the center, while the dog park is on the north end near the basketball courts. It’s a great location near the vineyards in a quiet neighborhood.

May Nissen Community Park

685 Rincon Ave, Livermore, CA 94551 ‎(map)

This dog park is on Rincon Avenue behind the May Nissen Swim Center and Rincon Library. It’s a smaller dog park that has great shade and includes a bench and picnic table. It’s a great spot to enjoy lunch while Fido roams free. A nice picnic area with a grill is nearby, along with a playground, large grass area and baseball field.

Vista Meadows Park

2450 Westminster Way, Livermore, CA 94551 (map)

Vista Meadows, located off N. Livermore Ave. near I-580 is a hidden gem. A playground welcomes you at the entrance on Westminster Way, but it’s only a short hike to the dog park. Just head up the hill towards the water tank and you’ll soon arrive at the dog area. Here you can relax under trees with a book while enjoying great views of the Livermore Valley.

Robertson Park Meadow

3200 Robertson Park Rd, Livermore, CA 94550 ‎ (map)

This large park famous for the annual rodeo, hosts a dog park on the north side of Robertson Park. This park has a very large meadow with plenty of running room for your furry friend. There is even a second smaller fenced off dog area as well. An added benefit to this park is the nearby restrooms. Hey, Fido isn’t the only one who has to go.

Cayetano Park

Portola Ave & Campus Hill Dr, Livermore, CA 94551 (map)

Cayetano Park is Livermore’s newest park that opened in March, 2015. The park includes a grass play field, a larger synthetic turf field, a basketball court, a kids playground, restrooms, and of course a dog park. The dog park is at the far northwest corner of the park and features two areas; there is an “all” dogs area, and another reserved for solely the little guys. The turf is bark with a tempting fire hydrant for each section. There are also a couple benches, a picnic table, poop-bag dispensers, and a water fountain for both humans and canines. Unfortunately there is no shade, so it’ll get pretty hot here during the summer.

Lake Del Valle

7000 Del Valle Rd, Livermore, CA 94550 (map)

Lake Del Valle off-leash area is a little different. To be clear, dogs must be on leashed throughout most of the park. The exception is an off-leash dog trail that runs several miles along the lake’s northeastern shore. With larger dogs around the next bend, little dog owners should ba cautious. While LARPD manages all the other dog parks which are free, Del Valle is part of the East Bay Regional Park District and has a $6 fee per vehicle and $2 per dog fee. You can also get an annual pass; info here.

Some other park notes for Livermore area dog owners:

  • Other parks in the East Bay Park District generally allow dogs off leash on the trails. Morgan Territory doesn’t have restrictions, however leashes are required at Brushy Peak. More info on EB Park’s rules at
  • LARPD’s dog park web page has more info about each dog park and their park rules can be found on this PDF.
  • Dogs must be licensed as it’s required by state law. Use of the dog parks require this as well. Check out our “How to Get a Livermore Dog License” article, it has everything you need to know. It’s cheap at $5.50 per year, or $12.50 for 3 years. That way if your dog gets lost, your contact info will be on file with the city if needed.

So there you go. Those are all the public places in Livermore where you can take your dog off his or her leash to stretch and run free.

Which dog parks in town do you frequent? What’s your favorite? Do you have any more info that I didn’t include? Let us know in the comments below.

Woof woof!

2 thoughts on “Off the Leash – All the Dog Parks in Livermore!

  1. Love the details! Although it’s a little far off the beaten track for Poppy, it’s fab fido info for the locals! Thanks!

  2. Don’t enter Robertson park if there is a long
    haired white man with a German Shepherd he is grumpy and hit our dog when his dog was the aggressor and failed to control him. He used the f word constantly and was very offensive to my son.

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