A Homemade Sandwich at Ofelia’s Kitchen [TGLRC #39]

Waiting in line

The order window at Ofelia’s

Ofelia’s Kitchen
850 Hillcrest Ave
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 449-5162
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Sometimes you just want a really good sandwich. Not one of those fancy BBQ-bacon-meatball-cheddar-ham-chicken-swiss-teriyaki subs invented by the marketing department of a large corporation. No, sometimes you just want an honest homemade sandwich with tasty goodness between a couple of slices of real fresh-baked bread.

A real homemade sandwich. when was the last time you had one of those? Well, that’s what Ofelia’s Kitchen is all about.

Where is Ofelia’s? It’s located in the Chardonnay Shopping Center on East Avenue in Livermore halfway between the lab and Livermore High School. It’s on the left side of the shopping center, so take a turn on Hillcrest Avenue and you’ll see it on the end right next to the barber shop.

Tuna salad

Fresh and yummy!

Now when I talk homemade, I mean it. The bread is baked in-house every day from scratch. And I tell you, each slice of that fresh-baked wheat bread is thick, moist and luxurious. Not a fan of wonderful bread? Your only other option is bread-free by making it a lettuce wrap.

While your bread selection is limited, what you put between them is not. Their menu will make both herbivores and omnivores quite happy. You can check the selection out their menu. See their website or the photos below.

While I love a good turkey or roast beef, I’m a sucker for all the salad-type sandwiches.

Chicken salad? Yep.
Tuna salad? Count me in.
Egg salad? Yum!
Crab salad? Oh yeah!.

What was my choice for #39 of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge? I had the tuna salad and it was awesome.

Not only is the bread fresh, but the toppings are as well. The tomatoes are perfectly ripened, the lettuce is green and fresh, the cucumbers are thinly sliced and not overpowering, and the sprouts really make the sandwich honest and give it that true homemade experience.

Looking for a hot sandwich? They serve those as well. Soup? They are lactose-free, low salt and vegetarian. Salads, yogurt and smoothies? Those are on the menu too.

Whole sandwiches run $7.25 and $8.75, subtract a couple for half sandwiches. If you add a drink, soup or chips, expect your lunch to run just over ten bucks.

While it’s not the cheapest place to get a sandwich, you are definitely getting a higher caliber sandwich. I’ve been to many deli’s in town and this is by far my favorite.

[New Ownership Update] Based on some recent Yelp reviews, I read that Ofelia’s has new owners. I wasn’t sure if my latest experience was before or after the change. In any case, I went back today to find out.

Turns out Ofelia’s was sold to new owners on November 21st, 2014.

I’m happy to say that Ofelia’s seems exactly the same as before. Actually there service was a lot faster. In the past, I’d gotten used to waiting about 10 minutes. But this time my sandwich was ready in less than 3 minutes. I was surprised.

Other than that, everything seems exactly the same. My crab salad was just like before and just as awesome.

I added three more photos to the gallery below. Two of today’s sandwich and the last one is a farewell letter from Ofelia and her husband Jay.

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