New Restaurant Alert! Raging Falafel is Here [TGLRC #32]

Raging Falafel

The Hummus Falafel Plate at Raging Falafel

Raging Falafel
4084 East Ave
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 453-6152
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I like to think I’m pretty worldly; I’ve traveled to 20 different countries and have tried many different cuisines in my life, but there is always something new to try. This time, however, something new has come to Livermore.

Yep, we have a new restaurant in town! Everybody, welcome Raging Falafel to good ol’ Livermore, California.

When I hear about a new restaurant, it’s really a special treat. It’s not every day I get to experience a grand opening so this is very exciting – especially since I started The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge.

When I first heard about the Raging Falafel, I thought, “What’s falafel? Have I ever had falafel? I think I’ve had falafel. Maybe I haven’t had falafel. Wait, what’s falafel?”

A falafel is a deep-fried ball made from chickpeas or fava beans traditionally found in the Mediterranean and Middle East where they are hugely popular. They are commonly served in a pita or wrap, and topped with salad and tahini sauces. If you are looking for something healthy or are vegetarian, Falafels are a great way to go. Of course you can top them with chicken, beef, or lamb if you have a craving for meat.

The Raging Falafel is located in the Chardonnay Center at East and Hillcrest Avenues in the former Pit Stop BBQ & Deli space. Word definitely got around because there was a good crowd making their way through the front door. We had a good wait but it was well worth it. The food is awesome!

Raging FalafelSince I was so uncertain about having had a previous falafel experience or not, my wife and I had to go with their namesake. I went with the Falafel Wrap ($6.49) and Andrea went for the Hummus Falafel Plate ($7.49). To drink they served canned sodas or bottled water ($1.25 each).

After taking my first bite, I was pretty sure this was my first falafel. Let me just say that they are amazing. Crispy on the outside, soft, warm and just so yummy on the inside.

My wrap was stuff with hummus, salad, pickles, tahini, and of course falafels. While my wrap was seriously awesome, it’s not what I’d get next time. For an extra buck, I highly recommend the plate. You get more bang for your buck, literally. It’s not as portable, but it offers a much fuller meal. It comes sided with salad, baba ghanoush, Mediterranean pickles, olives, and warm pita bread. With the pita, you can still make it sandwich style if you like. If you want a light meal, go for the wrap. If you’ve got a bigger appetite, the plate is the way to go.

Raging Falafel’s hours are 11am-8pm daily, so it’s a great place for lunch, dinner, or an early night snack. If you want it to-go, place your order online and it’ll be ready for pickup in 15 minutes. Just click on the green “Order Online” at

If you’re looking to discover something new, you can’t get any newer than Raging Falafel. I was there on day #1 and I’m sure they’ll be around for a very long time. They are certainly going to be a hit.

My verdict? Raging Falafel rocks! Give them a try, I think you’ll agree.

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