Many Great Space Station Sightings Over Livermore This Week

Over the next several days there are several opportunities to see the International Space Station pass over the Bay Area and be viewed from Livermore. The best sighting for the station will be tonight at 9:02 for a 3 minute sighting directly overhead. It’ll appear over Mt Diablo, fly right over us, and set in the southeast. See the graphic below marked in blue.

We’re in for an extra treat as the Progress cargo ship can also be seen twice as well as five ISS sightings over the next several days

But hold on to your seats, Thursday night look northeast over the Altamont. At 8:13 pm the Space Station will pass over for 2 1/2 minutes at 45 degrees up appearing in northeast, setting in the east. 4 minutes later at 8:20 pm, Progress will appear northeast over Mt. Diablo and seem to fly right overhead as it sets southeast. See the sightings marked in red.

There are more sighting opportunities this week as you can see below in the snapshot I took from NASA’s Sighting Opportunities page.

ISS Progress Sightings

(These sightings are calculated over Livermore. If you’re somewhere else, the times and opportunities will be different. Just go to the NASA page and find your city to get them for your area.)

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