Little League World Series in Livermore: Photos from Pleasanton’s Saturday Game

Little League World Series Intermediate Division 2013 Livermore, CA

Baseball fever is in Livermore this weekend. Yep, Livermore is hosting the 2013 Intermediate 50-70 Little League World Series at Max Baer Park on Murdell Ln from Friday through Monday. Local team Pleasanton National went up against East’s Collier Township/Cartiers Valley on Saturday. I couldn’t pass up a great baseball game so I grabbed my camera and hit the park. Unfortunately Pleasanton lost 3-1, but they put on a great fight. Congrats team for making it all this way!

Tomorrow, Monday, August 5th at 4pm is the Championship Game which will air on ESPN2. For more info, visit

Here are some great photos from Saturday’s game:

UPDATE: Hi-res photos available. Scroll down after the photos below for more info.


Did you go to the game? Share your fun in the comments below.

UPDATE: Going to the World Series is such an awesome deal and I wanted to make hi-resolution copies available for download. I’ve uploaded most of the photos above (plus about 30 more) here on the Livermore Rocks Google+ page. Just click on the photo you want, click “more”, and choose “download.” I figure some of the players, family, friends, and especially the parents would like to make some prints or photo mugs with them. So download the originals and take them to Walgreen’s or wherever and make some cool framed prints. Enjoy! -Kirk


2 thoughts on “Little League World Series in Livermore: Photos from Pleasanton’s Saturday Game

  1. What a great atmosphere out there the entire week. The Tri-Valley area did a great job of hosting these 10 teams in our community, and we should feel proud of how our host team played. Some of the best youth baseball in the world is played right here in the Tr-Valley.

    • The weather is so perfect too. What’s great about Little League games is that anything can happen. Much more swinging the bat compared to pro ball. It makes for so much more action and excitement and it’s just so fun to watch. It’s a true World Series too, with kids from all over the planet. So awesome!

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