How to Get a Dog License in Livermore, CA

All Dogs Must Be LicensedAs I was checking out dog parks with our little dog J.T. for a future article here on the site, I came across a sign that read, “All Dogs Must Be Licensed!”

I’ve been a cat guy my whole life, so being a dog owner opens up a whole new world of fun, loyalty, and lots of rules and etiquette.

You notice signs that say “No Dogs Allowed” in all kinds of places which I totally expected. One I didn’t expect what the one you see above. I had no idea that poor little J.T. was a criminal her whole life. She’s so cute and I’m sure she wouldn’t do well in the slammer.

It was time to set this right and get J.T. her Livermore Dog License.

How to Get a Dog License in Livermore

Livermore Dog LicenseGetting a license it easy. You can find all the info on the City of Livermore’s Dog License Program web page but I’ll summarize the steps here:

  1. Get your original up-to-date rabies certificate. It’s required.
  2. Get your records that show your dog is spayed or neutered. It may be shown on the rabies certificate which works. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, you can still get a license, it’s just more expensive.
  3. Get some cash or a check handy. It’s not expensive at all.
    – For spayed/neutered dogs it runs: $5.50 (1 yr) or $12.50 (3 yrs)
    – For non-spayed/neutered dogs it runs: $11.00 (1 yr) or $29.50 (3 yrs)
  4. Take the paperwork to City Hall, go upstairs to the finance office, pay the fee, and  you’ll walk out of there with a shiny brand new dog license.. They
  5. Alternatively you can do this through the mail. For this, go to the dog license page, download the form, and mail everything in. Soon you’ll receive your paperwork back along with a shiny new dog license to attach to your little (or big) dogs collar.

That’s all there is to it. More info is on the Livermore Dog License Program page.

Now little J.T. can walk the streets of Livermore proudly showing her little shiny badge. Yep, she’s official now.

J.T. the Little Dog

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