Historic Fun at the Flying Electrons RC Airfield

Warbirds over LivermoreWhile taking the back roads to avoid crazy 580 traffic, I drove past a sign that said “Warbirds over Livermore Saturday Sept 7th.”

Warbirds over Livermore? What’s this all about? I had to look this up when I got home.

Did you know that there are two remote control airfields in town? Yep, Livermore is home to two RC clubs, the Livermore Flying Electrons and the East Bay Radio Controllers. Both airfields are off Vasco Rd. on the north side of 580.

So last Saturday, I grabbed my camera and made my to Hal Chesnutt Memorial Field, home of the Livermore Flying Electrons. I was not disappointed.

The details of these scale aircraft were impressive. They look exactly like the real thing down to the last detail. They have the exact markings, little pilots in the cockpit and even retractable landing gears. I can’t imagine the time the pilots put into building these works of art. Check out the photos I took below and you’ll see what I mean.

I wonder what if feels like for them the first time they take them to the skies. You’ve got to be good to fly these guys.

Are you interested to learn more about RC aircraft? Both clubs offer great resources to get started. Also, check out their event calendars – you don’t want to miss the action next time they are flying high in the skies above Livermore.


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