Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s Cinco de Mayo and that makes me hungry. What better way to celebrate than hitting up a taqueria for some carnitas tacos. yummy!

After a quick search on Yelp and I see there are plenty of great places in town to choose from. Does Taco Bell count? Um, no. Taqueria Consuelito on Vasco Rd is close and I’ll head over there.

Of course you can’t celebrate a holiday without wondering what Cinco de Mayo is all about. Way back in 1862, May 5th exactly, the smaller, poorly equipped Mexican Army defeated the powerful French forces in the Battle of Puebla. This victory didn’t stop the French completely as they regrouped and won the Second Battle of Puebla a year later and eventually Mexico City fell. But the victory of the first battle was a significant boost to Mexican morale – so much so that it’s still celebrated today.

Check out the links to learn more. Knowing all that history while taking a bite into that juicy pork carnitas taco makes it taste so much better. Oh that sounds good. Time to get some lunch and celebrate! 🙂

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