Gyms, Health & Fitness Clubs in Livermore, CA

GymLivermore is a great place to get fit. We have tons of parks and trails (free), we have Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (check out their program guide), and we have over a dozen gyms and fitness clubs that offer a gazillion ways to get an awesome workout.

Curious about all the options available, I did a little research and put together this list of all the fitness clubs in Livermore. If you’re looking to join a gym, it should be a great starting point. The list is below.

Keep in mind that each business varies quite a bit in their costs and services, so it pays to do a little research based on your needs. Some clubs also have complicated pricing; consider any extra fees and contracts details to make sure you get the best value that’s right for you.

In the notes column I highlight their specialty, but most offer a lot more than what I listed. Just click the business name to take you to their website to learn about all of their services.

In the costs column, I’ve listed a general price range to give you an idea of their price point and linked to their fee page if available. The ones without links, I contacted them directly for their pricing. They are current as of November 2014, so expect them to change over time. Almost all of them offer free trials or passes to try out their facility. Also keep an eye out for specials which can be found on their website, Facebook page, or Google.

24 Hour Fitness Super Sport
2650 Kittyhawk Rd
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 447-4496
24 Hour, Open Gym$45-$50/mo, $29-$79 initiation fee [Link]
Anytime Fitness
1855 Holmes St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 292-7196
24 Hour, Open Gym$49/mo +initiation fees
Break Free Fitness International
101 E Vineyard, Ste 111
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 417-0574
Personal Training
California Gymnastics Academy
180 Wright Brothers Ave
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 245-0331
Children's Gymnastics
Cannon Fitness Studio
1324 N Vasco Rd
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 456-6300
Classes$5-$12/class, [Link]
CrossFit 580
3987 1st St Ste Q
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 292-9780
Classes, Personal Training$95/mo and up, $15 drop-in [Link]
Crossfit Livermore
1264 Stealth St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 784-0021
Classes, Open Gym$85-$325/mo [Link]
CrossFit WIT
342 Preston Ct
Livermore CA 94551
(510) 284-7252
Classes$100-$250/mo, $15 drop-in [Link]
1129 Catalina Dr
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 960-9199
Classes$35-$50/mo, $150 initiation fee [Link] (unofficial estimate)
153 S L St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 960-9199
Classes$35-$50/mo, $150 initiation fee [Link] (unofficial estimate)
Cyclone Martial Arts & Fitness
4555 Las Positas Rd
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 373-1400
Martial Arts, Fitness, Classes
Fitness 19
1456 Railroad Ave
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 263-9219
Open Gym
HD Gymnastics
230 S Vasco Rd
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 960-9440
Children's Gymnastics$75-$200 for 4-8 week classes, $10-$15 open gym [Link]
Incite Livermore
2612 Old 1st St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 487-8081
Personal Training$60/session [Link]
Koko FitClub Livermore
4485 First St
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 443-5656
24 Hour, Open Gym$99/mo, $150 initiation fee ($0 if within 15 days of trial), $55 key fee
Lifestyle Fitness
1855 1st St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 699-7063
Personal Training$199-$399/mo [Link]
1119 E Stanley Blvd
Livermore CA94550
(925) 454-6342
Classes, Personal Training$67-$130/session [Link]
Livermore Valley Tennis Club
2000 Arroyo Rd
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 443-7700
Full Club Facility$101-$233/mo, $500(ind)/$750(fam) initiation fee
Mindful Movements Pilates Studio
2000 Arroyo Rd
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 443-7700
Pilates Classes$15-$45/classes, $179-$299/mo [Click for pricing]
Platinum Fitness
900 Bluebell Dr
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 549-8055
24 Hour, Open Gym$15-$35/mo, $?? processing fees
Real Fitness
Location Varies
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 980-3436
ClassesPrices vary, [rates at LARPD]
Springtime Tumbling and Trampoline
5715 Southfront Rd
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 456-0110
Children's Gymnastics$140-$152 for 8 week classes, $42 annual fee [Link]
Studio Dance Art Fit
7 E Airway
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 475-9605
The Body Mechanic
355 S I St
Livermore CA 94550
(925) 918-2248
Personal Training
Tuff Girl
1108 E Stanley Blvd
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 518-4114
Classes, Personal Training$139-$167/mo, $49-$69/workshop, [Link] (click each service for pricing)
West Coast Training Center
50 Wright Brothers Ave
Livermore CA 94551
(925) 961-7733
Adult & Children's Gymnastics$68-140/mo, $8-$10 drop-in, $50-$70 annual fee [Link]

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