Subway on Vasco [TGLRC #8]

Subway VascoSubway
239 S Vasco Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 443-1515
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A good friend of mine and I had big plans for the day. We were about to try all three of the breweries in Livermore. The plan was to start at Eight Bridges Brewing Co., head over to Working Man Brewing Co. and finish off at Altamont Beer Works. unfortunately we got a late start; more on that later.

Now you can’t attempt something like this on an empty stomach so we decided to grab a late lunch at the new Subway on the corner of Vasco and Las Positas. There used to be a Quizno’s in that location, but it closed last year and Subway took over the space.

How was our Subway experience?

Being a new restaurant, it was about as clean as a place can be. Being in the late afternoon it was also pretty empty too. We were the only ones there.

My bud Clae ordered a turkey sandwich with potato chips and a bottled water ($7.50). I ordered the $5 Daily Special for Saturday which was the Buffalo Chicken sandwich, Sun Chips, and a 21 ounce fountain ice tea ($5.00). Bottle drinks have a 25 cent premium here.

As you can see, you can save a couple bucks by going for the special. The downside is that you’ll be stuck with the flavor of the day. I’m not too picky so this works out for me most of the time which is nice.

Yelp reviewers complain about the service which reflects their low rating low rating. Service for us lacked the drama they had. We had no problems and were met with friendly fast service. It was just as you’d expect.

The food was no exception. While I never had the buffalo chicken, it was pretty good and tastes like you’d expect a place like Subway to make. It wasn’t too bold, but had a little spice to it — I was actually pleasantly surprised. The sandwiches really hit the spot for both of us. Our digestive systems were now prepped for our beer tasting journey.

About that journey. Unfortunately we didn’t get as far as we liked. Due to our late start, we only made it to Eight Bridges and Working Man. We were about to head off to Altamont till we realized they closed at 6. Since it was 6pm, our journey came to an end.

If you are planning on your own Livermore brewery tours, be sure to leave earlier than we did. Beer and time do not mix. starting before noon and you should be fine.

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