Cheesesteak & Gyros at Wise Guys [TGLRC #4]

Wise GuysWise Guys Philly Cheesesteak n’ Gyros
885 Airway Blvd
Livermore, CA 94551 (map)
(925) 443-4897
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[UPDATE 3/25/15: They appear to be under new ownership. The website is also no longer available.]

I wrote about Wise Guys a few months ago during my quest for cheesesteak joints in Livermore. On our way home after a long day in the North Bay, Andrea and I were pretty hungry for something satisfying and filling. We were too tired to cook, too impatient for a full service restaurant, and fast food just didn’t sound fulfilling one bit.

As Airway Boulevard was fast approaching I said, “How about cheesesteak?” With her approving nod, I hit the blinker, merged onto the exit lane, a right turn, a left, a right, where we finally came to a stop in front of Wise Guy’s Philly Cheesesteak n’ Gyros.


Chicago Style Gyros

I’ve had the cheesesteak before and really enjoyed it. While it’s what I was craving, I went the adventurous route and chose the Chicago Style Gyros ($6.00) instead. Andrea ordered the cheessteak ($7.49 + 49¢ for the added sweet peppers), so I had a backup plan – if she’d let me in on it. We also added a soda and fries ($2.59) which we shared. Our total bill with tax came to $19.18.


Philly Cheesesteak

At first glance I was worried that the gyros wasn’t going to fill my grumbling tummy. Since the meat in Andrea’s Philly was pouring out of the bread, I knew my backup plan was pretty solid.

To my surprise, there’s much more to the gyros than I expected. I couldn’t even pick up the pita without spilling its contents all over the place. I snacked on a few slices of meat to make room so I could fold the pita bread. The meat was tender, lightly crispy around the edges, and had a mild flavor. While it was a tasty sandwich, next time I’ll go for their cheesesteak again. Andrea really liked hers as it was juicy and loaded with mushrooms.

Unfortunately I did not get to sneak a few bites of Andrea’s sandwich like I was hoping. The gyro was more than enough food and I could barely finish it. But I did loosen my belt a notch to get one bite in. 🙂

Being my third time here, this place has always satisfied. The food is great, it’s right off the freeway, and with the large portions you can’t go wrong.

Wise Guys is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Livermore. Is it one of yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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