The Lonely Burrito at Enchila Taqueria [TGLRC #2]

Enchila Taqueria Livermore

Super Burrito & Fanta at Enchila Taqueria.

Enchila Taqueria
4327 First St (map)
Livermore, CA, 94551
(925) 292-4577
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My fiancé called to tell me that she’d be home late this evening. After work she had a very important appointment, it was time for to get her wedding dress fitted. Obviously that means I’m on my own for dinner tonight.

I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I closed it and opened the freezer. I closed the freezer and opened the pantry. I closed the pantry and repeating that procedure three more times. Finally I took a big sigh, grabbed my jacket, and hopped in my truck to look for a cheap place to grab dinner. One where you don’t have to tell the hostess, “I’d like a table for one please.”

Fast food was tempting and fried chicken crossed my mind. But I just wasn’t in the mood for a coating of grease on my face and hands. Does KFC still have those wet naps? Hmm.

With that thought, I was coming up on the Safeway/Lowes shopping center on First St. I recall a taqueria there which I’ve been to before and it sounded like it might just hit the spot.

There are many taquerias in the area, and Enchila Taqueria is among one of the newer ones. I think there was a High Tech or 360° Burrito there a few years ago. Either way, Enchila is my choice tonight.

As I passed through the door, I noticed a couple of tables occupied by solo customers like myself. Bingo! I found the right place as I’d fit right in.

The woman in front of me took a little while since she changed her order twice. That was okay as it was just enough time for me to figure out my game plan.

Enchila Taqueria Livermore

Just pretend that’s me. 🙂

“I’ll have your Super Burrito with carnitas please!” I said with a big smile.

The server pulled out a flour tortilla, slapped it on a plate, grabbed the spoon and asked, “Refried?”

“Yes. Wait. No. I’ll have pinto please.” I replied with a laugh as she plopped a spoonful down on the plate.

She then grabbed a heaping of pork from the tray with her tongs and paused to let the grease drain. Then it was one quick shake and she tossed it on the grill to crisp it up a bit.

“Rice?” she said.

“Yes!” I replied

“Pico de gallo?”


“Sour cream? Guacamole?”

“Yes, yes and cheese too!!!” I voiced with a little too much excitement. Turns out I’m a little more hungry than I thought.

As she rang me up, I grabbed a Fanta, the good stuff bottled in Mexico with real pure cane sugar.

Enchila Taqueria Livermore

Yum yum.

With the burrito ($6.95) and drink ($1.89), it came to a grand total of $9.68. It was a little more than I expected for a burrito and soda, but I did go all out with the super burrito and authentic soda. If you want to get your cost down, I was considering their Taco Combo which includes two tacos and a drink for $6.75.

While the burrito is a good size, it’s not one of the largest you’ll find. But it was still enough to give me a full tank. I’ve been here a few times before and the food has always been good. This time was no exception. I was starving and this tasted great down to the very last bite. It really hit the spot.

I do have to say, Enchila’s style is a little milder than other taqueria joints I’ve been to. It’s a good thing though. It’s nice to have a variety of Mexican restaurant styles to choose from. Livermore has plenty — and I love Mexican food. When my fiancé asks where I want to go out to eat, she always has other cuisines in mind. Now when she asks, “Besides Mexican!” is quickly added.

As I got back in my truck, those words echoed in my head. I laughed, started the engine, and made my way back home.

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  1. OK, now I’m hungry for a burrito. And my wife is the same as your fiancé when it comes to sandwiches. If I get a craving for Jersey Mike’s, I need to go when I’m by myself since she doesn’t care for sandwiches. She said only Joey from Friends and I crave sandwiches….adding this taqueria to my list of places to try…thanks!!

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