Geocaching in Livermore

Livermore Rocks! GeocacheHey everybody, I just placed my first geocache ever and I’m really excited to see if people find it.

What is Geocaching you ask? Well, it’s a modern version of treasure hunting. Instead of a pirate’s treasure map where an X marks the spot, a GPS device and coordinates are used to find the cache or, um, pirate treasure. Argh!

It’s a fun sport and there are over 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide. Over 200 of those are right here in Livermore!

I created a new geocaching page, as you can see up top in the main menu. That page has all the information you need to know to get started in the world of geocaching. There are several links to great resources including a video from REI that introduces you to geocaching.

If you find the cache, be sure and take photos of your adventure. You can then share it with us on Facebook or Twitter to celebrate. You’ll be famous in town! 🙂

Now get over to the geocaching page and explore Livermore in style!

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