Gallifrey the Escape Artist [LR! Pet of the Month]



Meet Gallifrey. Here is what Lydia R. & Abby R. have to say about their cute furry friend.

This is our pet Teddy Bear Hamster, Gallifrey. Gallifrey is named after the planet the Doctor Who comes from. Someone decided they didn’t want him anymore so they took him to Pet Extreme in Livermore with all of his stuff and dropped him off there. The people at Pet Extreme put a sign on his cage that said “Free to a good home” so we took him home. Gallifrey is a very nice hamster, but he is very curious and he likes to break out of his cage. One time he escaped and got inside the wall. Our mom had to cut a hole to get him out. Another time he got out and we couldn’t find him, so we decided to go to dinner and maybe he would come out when the house was quiet. When we got back from dinner it was dark out and our Mom saw something moving on our neighbors lawn when the car lights hit it…It was Gallifrey. He was outside! Luckily he didn’t get eaten by a cat or a crow. – Lydia & Abby

Thanks for sharing your photo Lydia & Abby, you guys rock! 🙂

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