The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge!

KirkHi, I’m Kirk. I created Livermore Rocks! with a big goal in mind; to discover and share awesome things in and around Livermore.

One day I was wondering what to write about next just as my tummy started to rumble. That’s all it took and my idea for the The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge was born.

What is this challenge you ask? It’s where I’m going to try every restaurant in Livermore and share my experience here on Livermore Rocks! With around 200 restaurants in town I’ll definitely have to pace myself for the sake of my gut and wallet. Heck, by eating out at once per week, this could easily last until 2018. How crazy is that?

We all have our favorite restaurants we go back to all the time. By sharing my experience, I hope to get people out, expand their taste buds, and try new places to eat in town. So join me each week as I continue by belly busting journey. You can follow along here on, on Twitter, and of course Facebook.

Bellow is a list of every restaurant I’ve been to so far. It’s always up-to-date for your bookmarking pleasure.

Bon appétit Livermore!

The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge Posts so far:

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