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Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

The Flying Gourmet

Jim Jellison – “The Flying Gourmet”

My name is Jim Jellison and I began flying in the 1970s in a Lockheed P-3 Orion with the U.S. Navy. A few years later I became a private pilot and have been flying ever since. Owning my own aircraft has always been out of my reach, so I remain a renter. Renting does provide the optimum number of choices to a pilot; I can rent a two seater, four seater, low wing, high wing, high performance, retractable or fixed gear. For the last 25 years I have been renting my aircraft from Ahart Aviation Services (now closed) located at the Livermore Airport, Livermore, California.

I love to share the joy of flying with friends and family and what better way than to fly somewhere for a meal. It got so that I knew just about everywhere you could fly to eat within a couple of hours of flight time from Livermore. So, I was asked, by Ahart, to write a monthly article on these restaurants for their newsletter. Those articles evolved into this web site.

I hope that you will find the information presented to be entertaining as well as educational. I periodically update these articles since businesses do fail and airports change, however it is best to call ahead to be sure they are still open.

Bon appetite,
Jim Jellison aka The Flying Gourmet

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