Livermore Food!

The Flying GourmetThe Flying Gourmet

Meet Jim Jellison, The Flying Gourmet. He is local pilot with an awesome sense of adventure and a healthy palate for great food. Combine those and you have The Flying Gourmet!

Jim has been flying for a long time – so-much-so that he knows about everywhere you could fly to eat within 2 hours of Livermore. He started writing restaurant reviews for Ahart Aviation Services’ newsletter and has now offered to share his reviews here on Livermore Rocks! on the first of each month.

Where is his hunger going to fly him next? Find out at The Flying Gourmet.

Here we go. Yumm!The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge!

Welcome to The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge? Kirk challenged himself to try out every restaurant in Livermore

His goal is to eat at one place per week and share my experience, for better or worse, right here on Livermore Rocks! With roughly 200 restaurants here in Livermore, this challenge may take a while. At this rate, it might be 2018 before this belly busting adventure comes to a finish.

Follow Kirk during his adventure at The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge!.