Flying to Hotel Sutter in the Gold Country [The Flying Gourmet]

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

Hotel SutterHotel Sutter
53 Main Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
(209) 267-5211
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It’s a beautiful evening, mild temperatures, light winds, and clear sky – a perfect evening for a dinner flight out of Livermore. There is nothing I like better than to share a flying experience and a good meal with a friend. Recently I was able to accomplish this by flying to Jackson Westover and catching a cab ride down to Sutter Creek.

Sutter Creek, like so many small towns off the beaten path, have been hard hit by the declining economy. I have watched restaurants, good ones, come and go since I’ve been visiting the Gold Country over the years. Luckily a new called Hotel Sutter has opened with a promise of good food and friendly atmosphere. I have visited this place twice and have enjoyed a great meal both times. I’m happy to report that the place seems to be doing a brisk business.

I have been told to never order sea food at a restaurant that isn’t located near the sea. That seems to be sound advice if indeed you are expecting fresh fish! I couldn’t help myself and ordered the seared salmon, which turned out to be delicious as did my friends grilled rib eye steak. The service was prompt and courteous with reasonable prices.

The building has been around for a long time and the primary reason for its longevity is that it is constructed of brick; most wooden structures have succumbed to fire multiple times since the gold rush era. With wooden floors, brick walls, and high ceilings you get a real sense of history.

Unlike many old hotels that are now merely restaurants, the Hotel Sutter actually has 21 rooms and a cellar lounge where you can enjoy Monday night football or live music. It seems that the Hotel Sutter Team has put together a winning combination with Executive Chef Darius Somary and the rest of the staff.  I wish them continued success. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back!”

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