The Flying Gourmet: Two Niner Diner, Petaluma, CA

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Two Niner DinerTwo Niner Diner
601 Sky Ranch Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 765-2900
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Even though it is just 50 nautical miles from Livermore I found it necessary to talk to four air traffic controllers to reach my destination, Petaluma Municipal Airport (O69).

The weather could not have been better but the aircraft gave me a couple of difficulties. First the top latch of the cabin door wouldn’t “latch.” It didn’t seem to be a big problem, with the main latch secured off I went. Once the wheels left the ground however I could clearly see blue sky around the door and feel the cold 70 mph wind. This wasn’t a danger, just inconvenient. But when trying to contact Northern California Departure Control my number one radio became unreadable. I was beginning to think that the aviation gods were conspiring against me and it did cross my mind to return to Livermore airport. Instead, I switched to number two radio and soon established communication with air traffic control at my cruising altitude of 5,500 ft. Two more controllers to go until I started my descent into Petaluma for a textbook perfect landing.

The Two Niner Diner (named for runway 29) is a classy place with counter, table, booth, and patio seating. The linoleum floor is checkerboard black and white and the seats and chairs are upholstered in black vinyl. From the ceiling are hung many classic aircraft models such as the Hindenburg, Spitfire, B-17, C-47, Hurricane, P-38 and a Gypsy Moth. The west wall is also completely covered with black and white aviation themed photos.

The Friday morning that I was there business was slow with only four other patrons. Service was quick as I had a decaf coffee almost before I could say it, with eggs and bacon coming soon after. The two ladies serving customers were both attractive red heads, I’m guessing a mother and daughter. Children love this place, as I unfortunately discovered when I visited once on a holiday, what could be better than pancakes and airplanes?

If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for a good breakfast or lunch with an aviation theme the Two Niner Diner is the place.

Oh, I managed to get that top latch secured for the flight home.


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