The Flying Gourmet: Lodi Airport Café, Lodi, CA

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

lodi-airport-cafe-02 Lodi Airport Café
23987 North Highway 99
Acampo, CA, 95220
(209) 369-6144
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It was a crisp, clear morning, a perfect day for flying. Unfortunately, because of mechanical problems, my planned departure time was delayed such that my breakfast flight became lunch instead. I have been popping over to Lodi for years to the Airport Café for breakfast but not normally for lunch, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the mushroom, Swiss cheese, burger with potato salad, wow what a burger! Do you remember when you could order a burger cooked medium and it was so juicy that you needed to wash up after eating it? Yeah, it has been years since I had a really memorable burger and this one was it!

The café has been in operation for a long while. A couple of years ago the owners decided that it needed a remodel and closed for what seemed like forever. I stopped one day to see how things were going only to find that the entire structure had been torn down (that was some remodel). I was in shock to think that one of my favorite places to stop would be gone forever. Well, it came back rebuilt to resemble a hangar with corrugated metal ceiling, industrial lighting fixtures, a large shipping crate is the counter for the cash register and an actual wing tip of a DC-3 hangs on a wall. The place looks great and the service and food are superb. I think that along with the café face lift the customers may have been upgraded as well. Usually there are a number of pickup trucks in the parking lot with my lone Cessna or Piper tied down alongside, but the day I was there a Bentley convertible shared the parking.

If you happen to be in the vicinity, cruising down Highway 99, the Lodi Airport Café is worth a stop.


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