The Flying Gourmet: Black Bear Diner, Los Banos, CA

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

Black Bear Diner Los BanosBlack Bear Diner
955 West Pacheco Blvd
Los Banos, CA, 93635
(209) 826-2616
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Black Bear Diner was founded in 1995 in the state of Washington near Mt. Shasta and has grown to 60 locations in eight states. With growth like that, even during these hard economic times, they must be doing something right (one to open soon in Pleasanton). Their motto is, “Old fashion values, sense of humor and being the best that we can be”.

I chose this particular Black Bear because Los Banos has a nice airport, only 64 nautical miles away from Livermore, and is within easy walking distance. I usually fly early in day (calm winds, less air traffic) so breakfast is what I’m accustomed to ordering, my favorite is steak and eggs. Now the steak isn’t exactly Harris Ranch quality, but neither is the price. Last time I was at the Black Bear the steak and egg special was $5.99 and it was great!

The things that I find really fun are the bear carvings, and the bear theme in general, sure to be a hit with the children. Service has always been exceptional; you don’t have to ask for that second cup of coffee. So, when looking for a fun place to eat with reasonably priced food, give a Black Bear Diner a try.



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