Facing the Dragons at Canton Village [TGLRC #21]

Canton VillageCanton Village
1100 E Stanley Blvd
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 373-3900
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If you are new to following Livermore Rocks!, one of our weekly features is The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge. It’s where I’ve challenged myself to try every restaurant in Livermore and share my dining experience here on Livermore Rocks!. So far I’ve covered about 20 restaurants as part of the challenge and with over 200 eateries in town, it’ll take a while to finish the challenge. Now that I’m 10% complete, I’m surprised that I haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant yet. I mean I love Chinese food! Who doesn’t right?

So for stop #21 of the challenge, I take you to Canton Village…

It was a Friday night and Andrea and I went downtown for dinner. As we made our way down there we quickly realized that we were too hungry to deal with parking and long waits. So it was to modern technology to help us out. After a quick search for places with good reviews on our cell phones, we decided on Canton Village which is located on East Stanley in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s.

Parking was easy and they weren’t too busy, so Andrea wouldn’t have to worry about me getting anymore grumpy :-). Hey, doesn’t everyone get grumpy when they’re hungry?

As we walked up to their front door we were greeted by a couple of cool Chinese dragons. If you look closely, the one of the right has a little baby dragon. I was tempted to pet them, but since I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad luck, I decided to pass on that opportunity for the moment.

Inside we were greeted by friendly staff and they sat us in one of the booths at the front of the restaurant. There are a dozen booths, but they also have several regular tables towards the back if you’re not a booth person.

While we looked over the menu our drinks were quickly served; a Coke ($2.25) for her and a Sapporo ($6.25) for me. It wasn’t long before we decided on Pot Stickers ($5.95) to start, followed by Beef with Mixed Vegetables ($8.95) and Mu Shu Pork ($9.95) – one of our all time favorite Chinese food selections. We also made sure we had some White Rice ($1.50) as well.

How was our dinner? While many reviewers rate this place as their favorite, my wife and I almost agree. Everything that was supposed to be tender and juicy was very tender and juicy. Everything that was supposed to be fresh and crisp was very fresh and crisp. You can even see all that in the photos below. It was a very good meal. Our only holdback is that we thought a touch more flavor was in order.

Pricewise, Canton Village is not on the cheap side, but is reasonable for what you get. Our total bill was $37.99 which included my large beer and we had plenty to take home. Chinese food (and pizza) make for perfect lunch leftovers – Canton Village is no exception.

Canton Village seems to be one of the more popular Chinese restaurants in Livermore. As with any cuisine I try during this challenge, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares with the rest. With almost a dozen to choose from, it will definitely be a challenge to find my favorite. But I’ll let you know when I do!

What’s your favorite Chinese restaurant in Livermore? Have you been to Canton Village? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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