Eat Healthy at Salad Makers in Livermore [TGLRC #24]

Salad MakersSalad Makers
4424 Las Positas Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 243-9912
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Two dozen! That’s how many restaurants I’ve tried so far as part of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge. Doing a challenge like this has its pros and cons. Getting to experience all the great dishes in town is quite a pro. The calories that come along with eating out all the time can be quite a con. One way I try to keep my health in check during this challenge is to only eat out about once per week. It’s also easier on the wallet.

Sometimes you just want to go out for a light meal that doesn’t weigh you down. But where in Livermore can you have a healthy meal? I asked one of my friends that question and he recommended I try Salad Makers next to Target at Las Positas and First Street.

Salad Makers focuses on salads of course, but they also offer a selection of sandwiches, gyros and personal pizzas. Ordering is a lot like Subway or Chipotle where you make your way down the counter in an organized fashion. While Salad Makers has the same approach, the staff seemed to be quite a bit flustered and in disarray. It kind of reminded me of this Minions clip where things just don’t run so smooth. More on that in a bit.

Chicken Apple Crisp Salad

Chicken Apple Crisp

My wife Andrea had the Chicken Apple Crisp Salad (Full $8.49) while I ordered the Italian Roast Beef Panini ($6.25). Since it was a hot day, we decided to split a Lemonade ($1.99) to quench our thirst.

The salad was really good. My wife and I love salads with a sweet touch and the Chicken Apple Crisp really hit the spot in that regard. There were plenty of walnuts, cranberries and the dressing was perfect. Our only gripe is that the chicken was sparse and the pieces that were there were pretty small. Personally I think they should rename it to Cranberry Walnut Apple Crisp with a Touch of Chicken. Just an idea. But it’s still a wonderful salad that I highly recommend.

Roast Beef??? Hmmm

Roast Beef???

While my wife got her salad right away, my Italian Roast Beef took a full 15 minutes to arrive at our table. However it didn’t arrive as with roast beef as expected. Instead of it came with turkey. I’m not very picky so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Besides, I was starving and wasn’t about to send it back.

How was the sandwich? It kind of dinky and nothing to write home about. I expected more. There just wasn’t a whole lot to it as you can see from the photo. Next time I’ll get a salad as it is much more satisfying. I’m glad I got the chance to snack on Andrea’s salad during my wait.

After reading other reviews from Google and Yelp, it sounds like my thoughts fall in line with the general consensus. It’s a great place to grab a wonderful salad, but if you’re considering a sandwich, there are better places for those. I am curious about their pizzas though.

All that aside, I’ll definitely be back. A friend once told me, “Go with what they’re good at!” If you’re hungry for a salad, Salad Makers is a great place to go. It’s healthy too!

Oh! Be sure and check out their website for coupons. They currently have one that’ll get you 15% off your total.

One thought on “Eat Healthy at Salad Makers in Livermore [TGLRC #24]

  1. I ate lunch at Salad Makers in Livermore today. My wife told me about it and I was a bit skeptical that I would like it. I arrived a bit before noon, it was jammed, but the line went fast. I had the Asian Chicken salad and it was excellent. I’ll be going back. Also, how many places can you eat where you will be very full at the end of your meal and only consume 500 or 600 calories!

    The only negative I observed was needing to go to the cash register to get a refill on a soda. My wait was only a few seconds, but I can’t see why they don’t do the same as most restaurants that offer free refills — you serve yourself.

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