East Bay Parks Expansion, Old Tesla Town & Carnegie SRVA

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I just read an article on Contra Costa Times today about the East Bay Regional Park District working on their planned expansion. They are buying land throughout the East Bay with money from bonds that we voted on in years past.

Of the sixteen new parks they are considering, one is a proposed expansion of Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area called the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Project. It’s just a few minutes east of Livermore on Tesla Rd in Corral Hollow Canyon. Basically they are planning on expanding the park west into the former coal mining town of Tesla, which will more than double the parks size. Check out CarnegieGeneralPlan.com for more info.

There is controversy over the expansion due to concern over the environmental impact off-road vehicles will have on the land. TeslaPark.org is campaigning to protect the area making it a low impact recreation area, while Carnegie riders want to expand it. You can also read more about it in this article from San Jose Mercury News.

I’ve never been out to Carnegie SVRA, so I’ll definitely have bump it on my list of awesome stuff to discover in Livermore. I’m also interested in checking out the expansion area and the site of the old Tesla town; it’s a beautiful  area.

Do you ride out at Carnegie? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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