Did You See Bigfoot?

As I was heading over to Home Depot Sunday afternoon, I saw the most awesome truck in the world…Bigfoot!!!

Is that cool or what?!

Wheel Works, Livermore’s newest tire store, is celebrating its grand opening. Right out front was Bigfoot with its huge tires resting on top of an old Saturn; with its freshly crushed glass and all.

With my camera in the back seat and a tire sensor light on my dash, someone/something was trying to tell me something. This was my once-in-a-lifetime-star-aligning moment. Hmm, I should have bought a lottery ticket too… Oh well.

After I took some photos and wiped the drool from my chin, I popped inside to see if they could top off the air in my tires to get rid of that glowing amber bulb that’s been annoying me for the past two days. He had me pull around back and added a few puffs of air at no charge. Turns out my spare was the culprit. Imagine getting a flat only to find your spare is flat too. Yikes!

Thanks much for the air Wheel Works… Welcome to Livermore!

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