Clipping Your Nails at Taco Bell? Really? [TGLRC #10]

Taco Bell Vasco

Taco Bell on Vasco Road

Taco Bell
6005 Preston Avenue
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 960-1423
Taco Bell on Urbanspoon

My wife hates Taco Bell. While I’m not a fast food junkie, I do enjoy an occasional fast food fix every now and again. Taco Bell is often my choice, but my wife hates eating there with a passion. No explanation, just pure, raw, hatred. So yeah, I don’t eat at Taco Bell as much as I used to.

But this time I was alone and in the mood for a cheap, quick, fast food fix. My location of choice for #10 of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge is the Taco Bell on the corner of Vasco Road and Preston Avenue just off 580.

My order was about as generic as you can get at Taco Bell.

  • 2 Crunchy Tacos: $2.38
  • 1 Bean Burrito: $1.19
  • 3 packets of Verde Salsa: $0.00
  • Tax: $0.32
  • Total: $3.89

Nothing too exciting to report here. Everyone has had Taco bell before. And yep, my Taco Bell tacos and burrito taste just like any other Taco Bell tacos and burrito I’ve ever ordered. It was quick, cheap, and hit the spot.

The best part of the meal? Thinking of my wife’s reaction later when I tell her what I had for lunch today.

The worst part of the meal? The lady who was clipping her nails at her table. “Really?” I thought. I’m just glad I didn’t notice till after I ate and was heading out the door.

Well, at least she gave me something interesting to add to my Taco Bell adventure. I took a photos (below) to document the event.

You’re welcome 🙂

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