Cinco de Mayo at Rancho Grande Taqueria [TGLRC #13]

Rancho Grande Taqueria Now Open

Rancho Grande Taqueria Now Open

Rancho Grande Taqueria
905 Bluebell Dr
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 961-9965
Rancho Grande Taqueria on Urbanspoon

My wife doesn’t like Mexican food as much as I do, so when she mentioned it for dinner I was a little surprised. That is until she reminded me that today is Cinco de Mayo. Since Star Wars Day was yesterday, I didn’t expect another holiday to come so fast. Isn’t May a great month or what?

Thinking of a new place to try for The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge, I remember seeing a new taqueria just open up in Springtown. Rancho Grande Taqueria, which has locations in Pleasanton and San Ramon, now has one here in Livermore. It shares a wall with the Chevron gas station on the corner of Springtown Blvd and Bluebell Dr.

Since it was dinner, my wife and I both opted for the combo plates. She ordered the Beef Fajitas ($12.60) and I, wanting to to get a good mix of everything, went for the Enchilada, Taco and Tamale Combo ($13.60). For drinks we both went for the Sangria Señorial Soda ($2.60 each). I was a little bummed that they didn’t have beer, but they did have a liquor license application notice in the window.

We grabbed our drinks and chips and salsa from the chips-and-salsa bar. I like it hot and my wife is totally the opposite. So it was funny when we both picked the wrong ones. The creamy green salsa is really good. If I were to guess, it has guacamole, lime, and maybe a hint of cucumber in it. It’s also very mild, cool and refreshing. The red salsa, which she forced my way with a horrible look on her face was nose-running hot and quite good.

The Beef Fajitas arrived sizzling as it was sat down along with a large plate of rice, refried beans, and lettuce topped with sour cream and guacamole. A third dish came which had four flour tortillas. It was a lot of food, especially for her. Maybe she’ll eave some for me? 🙂

My dish came next and I was a little disappointed at my portions compared to hers. I had slightly less beans and rice since it’s served on the same plate as the rest of my meal. The enchilada and tamale seemed small and the taco was really tiny. However everything was fresh and the meat really flavorful and crisp. It was really a very great tasting meal. Unfortunately for almost $14, I really expected larger portions. After cleaning my plate craved more. I’m just glad my wife had plenty on her plate to share.

I have mixed feelings about this place. The food really is good – the chips were fresh and crisp, the salsa extremely good, and both of our meals really hit the spot.

It’s just that for $34.25 for a couple combos and sodas is a lot of money for a taqueria, especially when the highest priced combo didn’t size up.

I’ll go back, but I’ll be more mindful and try to get a bigger bang for the buck next time.

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