UFO Crash Site Halloween Photos

Halloween 2013I decided to head out to Winding Stream Drive, where they close off the street for Halloween. Many homes really go all out with awesome spooky decorations to treat the trick-or-treaters. The highlight though is the ever popular annual engineering feat by the Staton family. They made the Contra Costa Times with their crazy UFO crash site this year.

If you missed it, I took a few photos during my evening stroll. I also happened to overhear their potential plans for next year. Their neighbors might join them where they’ll have a couple of pirate ships battle between the two homes. Sounds pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how they pull it off.

Hope you all had a safe Halloween and, oh, don’t forget to schedule your next dentist visit!

Historic Fun at the Flying Electrons RC Airfield

Warbirds over LivermoreWhile taking the back roads to avoid crazy 580 traffic, I drove past a sign that said “Warbirds over Livermore Saturday Sept 7th.”

Warbirds over Livermore? What’s this all about? I had to look this up when I got home.

Did you know that there are two remote control airfields in town? Yep, Livermore is home to two RC clubs, the Livermore Flying Electrons and the East Bay Radio Controllers. Both airfields are off Vasco Rd. on the north side of 580.

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Geocaching in Livermore

Livermore Rocks! GeocacheHey everybody, I just placed my first geocache ever and I’m really excited to see if people find it.

What is Geocaching you ask? Well, it’s a modern version of treasure hunting. Instead of a pirate’s treasure map where an X marks the spot, a GPS device and coordinates are used to find the cache or, um, pirate treasure. Argh!

It’s a fun sport and there are over 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide. Over 200 of those are right here in Livermore!

I created a new geocaching page, as you can see up top in the main menu. That page has all the information you need to know to get started in the world of geocaching. There are several links to great resources including a video from REI that introduces you to geocaching.

If you find the cache, be sure and take photos of your adventure. You can then share it with us on Facebook or Twitter to celebrate. You’ll be famous in town! 🙂

Now get over to the geocaching page and explore Livermore in style!

Rockin’ with Tuesday Tunes

Lunafish in LivermoreLivermore has done a lot to liven up downtown in recent years, and what better way to liven it up than with free live music.

All summer long the Bankhead Theater (LVPAC) sponsors Tuesday Tunes and Friday Nights Live from 6:30pm till 8:00pm at the Bankhead Theater’s outdoor stage. It began back in June and will end September 13th.

While I’ve been downtown dozens of times this summer, I’ve only passed the live music on my way to dinner or a movie. Tonight I changed it up a bit and came for the music first and dinner second… with camera in tow.

Local Livermore Band Lunafish (www.lunafish.com) took the stage tonight with great cover tunes of classic rock and roll music from the 60’s and 70’s. It was a perfect summer night with lots of people sipping wine, relaxing and dancing the evening away.

For more info, including a list of bands, check out LVPAC’s Free Summer Concerts page.

Now get out and truly rock before the free concert series ends.


Photos of the Space Station Passing Over Livermore

Here are a couple photos I took of the International Space Station as it passed over Livermore last night. It appeared from SW at 9:56pm and went straight overhead as it faded ENE high above Brushy Peak. I shot them on N. Livermore Ave a couple hundred yards north of Hardford Rd.

Click for larger photos.

ISS appearing SW over Livermore (Canon 6D, 24mm, ISO 400, f6.44, 176 seconds)

ISS appearing SW over Livermore (Canon 6D, 24mm, ISO 400, f6.44, 176 seconds)

ISS straight over Livermore (Canon 6D, 24mm, ISO 400, f6.44, 47.3 seconds)

ISS straight over Livermore (Canon 6D, 24mm, ISO 400, f6.44, 47.3 seconds)