Casbah Café – Livermore’s Taste of the Mediterranean [TGLRC #45]

 Casbah Café Mediterranean Kitchen & BarCasbah Café Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar
1770 First St
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 243-1477
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Over the past decade, Livermore has put a lot of effort into revitalizing downtown. We now have water fountains to play in on hot summer days, markets and events to draw people to the town center, a couple new theaters for live and on-screen drama or action, and even a new parking garage that can’t quite handle Livermore downtown’s bustling weekends.

The best thing about the growth of Livermore’s culture is by far the food. With around 200 restaurants, there is certainly something for everyone.

  • Feeling like a burger? Livermore has some of the best.
  • Longing for a burrito? Dozens of options.
  • Craving Thai? There are four to choose from.
  • Looking for something exotic? Well, I’m glad you asked.

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Bring the Family to Beeb’s Sports Bar & Grill [TGLRC #44]

Beeb's Sports Bar & Grill

Beeb’s Sports Bar & Grill

Beeb’s Sports Bar & Grill
915 Club House Dr
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 455-7070

You’ve had a long week at the office and the weekend is finally here. You’re heading home, hungry and and want to catch the Warriors game with a nice cold beer. You get home, open the door and are greeted by a couple of loud and hungry kids that have been cooped up in the house way too long.

It’s time to take them out for dinner, but where do you go?

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LVK to PRB: Getaway to ‘The Pass of the Oaks’ [The Flying Gourmet]

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

Paso Robles, CAEl Paso de Robles, CA

A good friend of mine has a son who is a vintner, wow; I wish I had a relative in the wine business!
I actually knew the son before I met and became friends with his parents. He was the vintner at a local Livermore winery before they were bought out by a large corporation and began making bulk wine. So, the vintner moved to a small winery in the Paso Robles area and began making wine in a smaller boutique fashion, which better utilizes his talent. The vintner, Tom, is our personal connection to the Paso area.

Paso is about 200 miles by car and about 130 miles direct route by aircraft. The way I flew it, it was about 140 miles and about 1 hour 20 minutes flight time. The direct route from Livermore would take me over some pretty rough terrain and if that single engine should give up, the ghost the chances of walking away from a force landing would not be in my favor. There is an old saying “there are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots.” Well, let’s just say that I’m old and leave it at that!

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A Late Night Snack at Jack in the Box on Vasco Road [TGLRC #43]



Jack in the Box
6020 Industrial Way
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 606-0793
Jack in the Box on Urbanspoon

When you take on a challenge to try every restaurant in town, it really gets you out of your comfort zone with the added bonus of experiencing some really great food.

That’s one of the reasons why I started this challenge. The second is to hopefully inspire others to get out and discover new places in Livermore too.

Now not every restaurant in Livermore is full of excitement and adventure. Part of the deal with trying every restaurant in town is to, well, try every restaurant in town. That includes the fast food joints that we all know quite well. Continue reading

Livermore to Sacramento: Aviator’s Restaurant [The Flying Gourmet]

Jim Jellison - The Flying Gourmet

Aviator's Restaurant SacramentoAviator’s Restaurant
6151 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 424-1728
Aviator's Restaurant-Catering on Urbanspoon

Over the years I have flown to almost every restaurant within about two hours flying time from the Livermore airport. Some might ask why? Well, as a pilot I have to “legally” fly every ninety days and make three takeoffs and landings to “legally” take passengers. Since I’m retired and love to fly I find this requirement no great hardship, but it is nice to have a destination for flight planning purposes. The regulations also state that as a private pilot I cannot take any money in exchange for the flight, but it is nice to get a free meal (the passenger pays) and have someone to share it with.

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