Fourteen Fun Filled Fair Photos!

Need a trim?

Need a trim? Get one at the Alameda County Fair!

Did you make it to the Alameda County Fair yet this year? This is the final weekend!

If you missed it, just click one of the 14 photos for a slideshow and pretend you were there for all the fun.

6 Lunch Ideas at the Fair this Weekend

The best of two worlds.

The best of two wonderful worlds.

I went to the Alameda County Fair last weekend and took a bunch of photos. Since I’m thinking of food right now, I thought I’d give you six ideas for lunch if you’re heading to the fair this weekend.

What’s your favorite food at the fair? Comment below…

7 Gravity Defying Photos from the Alameda County Fair

Head rush

Getting a head rush on the Bungee Swing at the Alameda County Fair

Have you been to the Alameda County Fair? It’s going on right now. If not, here are seven gravity defying photos to entice you to go.

Check out for all the juicy info!

(Photos by Kirk Sylvester)