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Advertise on Livermore Rocks!Are you looking for a place to advertise your Livermore business? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The #1 goal of this site is to help people discover awesome stuff in the Livermore area. With so many great businesses like yours in town, we’d like give you an avenue to promote your awesome business.

Please email us on our contact page if you are interested in advertising.

How much traffic does Livermore Rocks get?

As of October 2015, we have:

What kind of advertising space do we have available?

Banner Ads

Livermore Rocks! Banner Ads

Banner ads are the ads you see at the top of the page and the sidebar and are highly visible throughout all pages of Livermore Rocks (click the photo to enlarge). They are arranged in zones as follows :

  • Zone A. This is the 300×100 pixel banner at the top of the page. There are 4 slots in this space with only 1 visible at a time. These appear on every page and rotate through the slots randomly.
  • Zone C. These are the 125×125 pixel squares on the right sidebar. There are 12 slots with 4 visible at a time. They appear on every page except the coupon page and rotate randomly.


Livermore Rocks! Coupons Livermore Rocks! CouponsCoupons are located on the Coupon page. We want the Livermore Rocks Coupon page to be the go-to place for online coupons in Livermore.

There are two parts to a coupon. There is the coupon banner (first photo), and the coupon itself (second photo) which the coupon banner is linked to.

  • Coupon Zone C “Standard”. These are 250×150 pixel static/non-rotating coupon banners. When a coupon banner is clicked, it can link to a coupon location hosted on Livermore Rocks!, or directly to one you already have on your website.

 Interested in other advertising options?

Email us on our contact page.