A Brownie & Wine at Double Barrel Wine Bar [TGLRC #31]

Chocolate brownie goodness!

Chocolate brownie goodness!

Double Barrel Wine Bar
2086 First St
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 243-9463
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In lasts week’s post of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge, my wife and I took our friend to Posada for a wonderful Southwestern dinner. She was visiting from Austria and we took her out to experience the best Livermore has to offer.

Since dinner was light, we headed downtown to find a place to cap the night with dessert and drinks. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful night. So nice in fact, that my wife didn’t even put on her sweater; and she always wears a sweater come sundown.

As we finished our walking tour of First Street, which included me pointing out all the places I’ve eaten at in town, we saw an open table in front of the Double Barrel Wine Bar.

“Wine?” I asked.

It wasn’t long before we were laughing over wine and probably the best brownie I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. You have got to try their Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie ($11.00). Yes, it’s an $11 brownie, but it’s just full of moist creamy chocolaty goodness topped with chocolate and (I believe) vanilla drizzle. Not only is it wonderful, but it comes with a cold press espresso liqueur which compliments the brownie perfectly.

As you might guess, Double Barrel also offers a huge selection wine from all over the world. Their menu lists about 90 different wines from all over the world including some from Livermore Valley’s great vintners. Glasses start at $7.50 ($26.00 per bottle), or you can live it up with a 2009 Vérité “La Joie” at $650.00 per bottle.

Just want to taste? Double Barrel has four wine flight options to choose from. You’ll get three 2-ounce pours that run $13-$15 per flight. A great way to taste after the tasting rooms close for the day.

Hungry? They also offer a seasonal menu of appetizers and small plates to pair with your favorite wine. Sundays are a special treat if you’re up for brunch; that’s when they offer a rotating “Sunday Special.” You can also try their non-rotating Three Little Pigs or Runny Egg Sandwich. I should not write these when I’m hungry because that egg sandwich sounds really good right about now.

I must say, I’m continually impressed with the great dining options we have here in Livermore. Double Barrel is no exception. I’ve been to 31 restaurants so far and, if that’s all we had, I’d be very content. But no, there are over 200 restaurants in Livermore and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Do you like sushi? Then you’ll want to come back next week where I tackle my second sushi joint in town. See you then.

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