Veterans Rock!

Happy Veterans Day!

Each veteran joined the service for a different reason and took a different path during their military career. They held different jobs, lived in different places, met different people, experienced different cultures, and have shaped history to what it is today. No matter why, where or how long they’ve served, their impact on the world is unmatched.

But that difference doesn’t stop there. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines eventually come back and bring a unique perspective to share with us here at home. With that they bring wonderful stories.

Instead of just thanking a veteran this Veterans Day, ask them about their stories. Ask them about why they served, where they went, who they met, what they did and how they did it.

Then listen.

You’ll learn about who they were before they joined the military and who they are now.

You’ll learn about the places they’ve been and how much different it is than your perceptions from reading or TV.

You’ll learn about the colorful people they met and the lifelong friends they became.

You’ll also learn about about their impact and how it shapes the world today.

As I explore our great town of Livermore, I’m impressed with how supportive we are for our veterans. Attend any event, festival or parade, and you can see the communities’ appreciation for what they’ve done. But it’s not just our community support for veterans that’s impressive, it’s also how our veterans support our community. With one veteran to fourteen civilians, they are everywhere, deeply involved making our town a better place.

So this Veterans Day, don’t just thank a veteran for their service. Instead, take a moment and ask them about their story. They will be happy to share and you just might take something away that positively impacts you.

Veterans make a difference. By giving them a chance to make another, it’s the best form of appreciation you can give.

Happy Veterans Day from Livermore Rocks!