Gyms, Health & Fitness Clubs in Livermore, CA

GymLivermore is a great place to get fit. We have tons of parks and trails (free), we have Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (check out their program guide), and we have over a dozen gyms and fitness clubs that offer a gazillion ways to get an awesome workout.

Curious about all the options available, I did a little research and put together this list of all the fitness clubs in Livermore. If you’re looking to join a gym, it should be a great starting point. The list is below.

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Manpuku – The Little Sushi Joint [TGLRC #34]


Sushi. Sushi! SUSHI!

4363 First St
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 371-9038 on Urbanspoon

I never had it as a kid. I never had it as a teen. Heck, I don’t think I ever had sushi until my late 20’s. Did I miss out? Well, I can tell you is that I was just a dumb kid. As an adult I got smart. Yeah, I missed out and I love sushi!

Manpuku, #34 of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge is the second sushi joint I’ve been to during this adventure. 31 restaurants ago, way back in TGLRN #3, Yamato was the first. I didn’t realize this, but Livermore has about 10 sushi restaurants in town. That means I have 8 more to try. Yay!

Manpuku is a little place located in the Safeway shopping center on First Street at Las Positas Road. Some Yelp reviews call it a hole-in-the-wall. I don’t think so. While it’s small, it’s definitely not dingy. It’s a clean place that’s brightly lit and in a great location just off 580.

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