Cheesesteak & Gyros at Wise Guys [TGLRC #4]

Wise GuysWise Guys Philly Cheesesteak n’ Gyros
885 Airway Blvd
Livermore, CA 94551 (map)
(925) 443-4897
Wise Guys Philly Cheesesteak & Gyros on Urbanspoon

[UPDATE 3/25/15: They appear to be under new ownership. The website is also no longer available.]

I wrote about Wise Guys a few months ago during my quest for cheesesteak joints in Livermore. On our way home after a long day in the North Bay, Andrea and I were pretty hungry for something satisfying and filling. We were too tired to cook, too impatient for a full service restaurant, and fast food just didn’t sound fulfilling one bit.

As Airway Boulevard was fast approaching I said, “How about cheesesteak?” With her approving nod, I hit the blinker, merged onto the exit lane, a right turn, a left, a right, where we finally came to a stop in front of Wise Guy’s Philly Cheesesteak n’ Gyros.

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Yamato 大和 [TGLRC #3]

Yamato LivermoreYamato
2041 First St (map)
Livermore, CA, 94551
(925) 606-1881
Yamato on Urbanspoon

Yamato, the name of a famous Japanese World War II battleship, is also the name of the next restaurant of The Great Livermore Restaurant Challenge. It is a Japanese sushi restaurant located downtown on First St. right next to Baughman’s Western Outfitters.

The restaurant was completely empty when we came in, but we were graciously welcomed in by the politest lady in the world. It was quite refreshing and really made for a great start to dinner.

The dining room has nine tables and seats forty. The design is modern with a nice touch of color, yet simple. It is also extremely clean – which includes the bathroom as reported by my wonderful date Andrea.

We started with drinks. A Coke ($1.50) for her, and a large 21.4oz Asahi Beer ($7.50) for me. The bottle was huge so the photo you see below is a little deceiving. You’ll only need one! 🙂

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