Geocaching in Livermore

Livermore Rocks! GeocacheHey everybody, I just placed my first geocache ever and I’m really excited to see if people find it.

What is Geocaching you ask? Well, it’s a modern version of treasure hunting. Instead of a pirate’s treasure map where an X marks the spot, a GPS device and coordinates are used to find the cache or, um, pirate treasure. Argh!

It’s a fun sport and there are over 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide. Over 200 of those are right here in Livermore!

I created a new geocaching page, as you can see up top in the main menu. That page has all the information you need to know to get started in the world of geocaching. There are several links to great resources including a video from REI that introduces you to geocaching.

If you find the cache, be sure and take photos of your adventure. You can then share it with us on Facebook or Twitter to celebrate. You’ll be famous in town! 🙂

Now get over to the geocaching page and explore Livermore in style!

Rockin’ with Tuesday Tunes

Lunafish in LivermoreLivermore has done a lot to liven up downtown in recent years, and what better way to liven it up than with free live music.

All summer long the Bankhead Theater (LVPAC) sponsors Tuesday Tunes and Friday Nights Live from 6:30pm till 8:00pm at the Bankhead Theater’s outdoor stage. It began back in June and will end September 13th.

While I’ve been downtown dozens of times this summer, I’ve only passed the live music on my way to dinner or a movie. Tonight I changed it up a bit and came for the music first and dinner second… with camera in tow.

Local Livermore Band Lunafish ( took the stage tonight with great cover tunes of classic rock and roll music from the 60’s and 70’s. It was a perfect summer night with lots of people sipping wine, relaxing and dancing the evening away.

For more info, including a list of bands, check out LVPAC’s Free Summer Concerts page.

Now get out and truly rock before the free concert series ends.


How to Get a Dog License in Livermore, CA

All Dogs Must Be LicensedAs I was checking out dog parks with our little dog J.T. for a future article here on the site, I came across a sign that read, “All Dogs Must Be Licensed!”

I’ve been a cat guy my whole life, so being a dog owner opens up a whole new world of fun, loyalty, and lots of rules and etiquette.

You notice signs that say “No Dogs Allowed” in all kinds of places which I totally expected. One I didn’t expect what the one you see above. I had no idea that poor little J.T. was a criminal her whole life. She’s so cute and I’m sure she wouldn’t do well in the slammer.

It was time to set this right and get J.T. her Livermore Dog License.

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