World War II Aircraft in Livermore for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up this Monday. Soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines who gave their lives while serving in the line of duty are part of our nations history going all the way back to the American Civil War. We celebrate their memories once a year to remember them and their part in history.

You can see apart of this history as the Collings Foundation will bring a Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress,” Consolidated B-24 “Liberator,” and North American P-51C “Mustang” to the Livermore Airport this Sunday through Tuesday.

If you can’t make it, just keep an ear out as you’ll surely hear the World War II aircraft flying overhead through the holiday. Are  you elsewhere in the East Bay? The Contra Costa Times has list of Memorial Day events at:

For more info on the Collings Foundation and their aircraft, be sure and check out their website at:

See LLNL’s NIF in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie PosterThis weekend the new Star Trek movie opened and while the new reboot of the franchise will never be the same as TOS or TNG, I’m still a huge fan. Yes, I’m a big sci-fi geek and I’m sure my name helped influence it a little bit, but I just can’t pass up catching Star Trek: Into Darkness on opening day, especially at the Livermore Cinemas.

Why watch it in Livermore you ask?


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AMGEN Tour in Livermore this Saturday

Amgen Livermore 2013The AMGEN Tour of California will be in Livermore this Saturday. Stage 7 will start downtown and make its way north through Contra Costa, east through Byron, down through Mountain House, back through Livermore and finally up to the finish line at the top of Mount Diablo.

Wow, that’s quite a ride.

For more info including race route maps and Livermore cycling information, check out the AMGEN Tour of California page at

[UPDATE 4/18/2013]
We have a stage 7 winner:

[UPDATE 4/19/2013]
The winner of the race is:

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s Cinco de Mayo and that makes me hungry. What better way to celebrate than hitting up a taqueria for some carnitas tacos. yummy!

After a quick search on Yelp and I see there are plenty of great places in town to choose from. Does Taco Bell count? Um, no. Taqueria Consuelito on Vasco Rd is close and I’ll head over there.

Of course you can’t celebrate a holiday without wondering what Cinco de Mayo is all about. Way back in 1862, May 5th exactly, the smaller, poorly equipped Mexican Army defeated the powerful French forces in the Battle of Puebla. This victory didn’t stop the French completely as they regrouped and won the Second Battle of Puebla a year later and eventually Mexico City fell. But the victory of the first battle was a significant boost to Mexican morale – so much so that it’s still celebrated today.

Check out the links to learn more. Knowing all that history while taking a bite into that juicy pork carnitas taco makes it taste so much better. Oh that sounds good. Time to get some lunch and celebrate! 🙂

22nd Annual Wine Country Festival – May 4th & 5th

GrapesThe 22nd Annual Wine Country Festival is going on this weekend in downtown Livermore.

Expect wine, beer, food, art and loads of entertainment for you and the kids as you stroll downtown.

You can also pre-purchase craft brew and wine tasting packages online for $30 and $40 respectively. For more info, visit the official Livermore Downtown website at

So get on downtown this weekend and enjoy the fun. The weather is going to be great too!