Many Great Space Station Sightings Over Livermore This Week

Over the next several days there are several opportunities to see the International Space Station pass over the Bay Area and be viewed from Livermore. The best sighting for the station will be tonight at 9:02 for a 3 minute sighting directly overhead. It’ll appear over Mt Diablo, fly right over us, and set in the southeast. See the graphic below marked in blue.

We’re in for an extra treat as the Progress cargo ship can also be seen twice as well as five ISS sightings over the next several days

But hold on to your seats, Thursday night look northeast over the Altamont. At 8:13 pm the Space Station will pass over for 2 1/2 minutes at 45 degrees up appearing in northeast, setting in the east. 4 minutes later at 8:20 pm, Progress will appear northeast over Mt. Diablo and seem to fly right overhead as it sets southeast. See the sightings marked in red.

There are more sighting opportunities this week as you can see below in the snapshot I took from NASA’s Sighting Opportunities page.

ISS Progress Sightings

(These sightings are calculated over Livermore. If you’re somewhere else, the times and opportunities will be different. Just go to the NASA page and find your city to get them for your area.)

See the International Space Station at 9:57pm Tonight

Snapshot from NASA SkyWatch

Snapshot from NASA SkyWatch

The International Space Station (ISS) will be visible tonight from Livermore at 9:57pm and be visible for about 50 seconds. Look North-North-West and up about 25 degrees (0 = the horizon, 90 = straight up) and you’ll see it rise up and to the right. It’ll be the brightest object in the sky except the moon. If you have a good set of binoculars and a steady hand, you might be able to make out some details if you’re able to track it.

Be sure and wave to the 3 astronauts and 3 cosmonauts living 230 miles up there. But wave fast as they are moving proximity 17,227 miles per hour, so you’ll only have about 50 seconds to see them.

Would you like to receive text or email alerts a few hours before the ISS passes over? Head on over to where you can sign up.


New: Livermore Jobs Section!

It’s time to brush up your résumé and pull out that suit from the back of your closet because we’ve just added a jobs section to Livermore Rocks! Cool eh?

So if you don’t have a job, want to quit your job, or want to find a job for your recent high school graduate who has lots of free time on his or her hands, you can browse all the current job listings directly with one click on the Jobs tab.

This new section, powered by, will give you instant access to all the jobs they have listed for Livermore, CA.


I-580 HOV/HOT Lane Construction

I-580 ConstructionLooks like traffic will be a little hairy of 580 in Livermore for a while – barriers are lining the shoulders and the lanes are a bit narrower. Construction has started for a westbound HOV lane and an eastbound auxiliary lane from Hacienda Rd. to Greenville Rd.

After completion in the Fall of 2014, they will then start a new phase to convert the HOV lanes to express lanes with an expected completion date sometime in 2015.

Yep, 2015. That’s a couple and a half more years of yuck. With all the crazy drivers out there, be alert and drive safe.

For more details on the projects, check out and

Livermore Blows

Hold on to your hat! The weather was pretty windy in Livermore today. I took this video looking towards the Altamont and 580. It was pretty cool watching the waves of grass blow in the wind.

Looks like the wind advisory ends this evening at 8pm. Here is the alert via Weather Underground

East Bay Interior Valleys
Wind Advisory
Statement as of 1:39 PM PDT on April 08, 2013

… Wind Advisory remains in effect until 8 PM PDT this evening…

A Wind Advisory remains in effect until 8 PM PDT this evening.

* Timing: gusty northwest winds will continue through this evening.

* Winds: northwest winds between 20 and 30 mph with gusts to 45 mph.

* Impacts: loose outside items could be blown around or damaged
and difficult driving for high profile vehicles.

Precautionary/preparedness actions…

A Wind Advisory means that winds of 35 mph are expected. Winds
this strong can make driving difficult… especially for high
profile vehicles. Use extra caution.

Keep your hat on.