Livermore Rocks!

LVKWelcome to Livermore’s most awesome website, Livermore Rocks!

I created this site to share the awesome things that I discover in this city at the eastern edge of the Bay Area. I moved here about a year ago, and sometimes it’s hard to find out the little hidden gems that Livermore has to offer. Sure there are sites like Yelp which gives you reviews, Craigslist where you can buy and sell stuff, and Patch which can get you some local events and news – But it’s hard to find answers to the question that I really want answers to.

  • Where is the best burrito in town?
  • Which Livermore gas station has the cheapest gas?
  • Is Carnegie Park a good place to play baseball?
  • Where in town can I buy Toffifay?
  • Those are the important questions right?

I’ll be answering them and more as I grow and expand this website with more content and features as I explore the nooks and crannies of Livermore, California.

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